In this work titled 'no news is good news/the newspaper is the spiritual food of the people...' The news sections of free newspapers are whitewashed with spray paint leaving the only the adverts. One aim is to reveal the quantity of advertising, to show visually the principal function of these publications.

The second part of the title comes from a quote "the newspaper is the spiritual food of the people and should be supervised like all foods" (taken from Oliveira Salazar, in Antonio Ferro - the Man and his Work, Lisbon, 1933 p48). Whilst Salazar used heavy-handed censorship of the press during his dictatorship of Portugal (1932-1968) I could argue the first part of the quote is truthful, and opposite to the views of Salazar shows the importance of free press. However, I would also argue that the Metro and Evening Standard although literally free they wouldn't come close to being considered the spiritual food of the people. I intend to tell the story of press censorship in Portugal in small sections and illustrations over the pages of the newspaper whilst not wishing to take away from the emptiness of the paper and the impression this gives.


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