A few men and even fewer women (2019) Multiple stickers measuring 99.1mm x38.1mm

The stickers read 'Oliganthropocene' underlined by a red wavy line characteristic of highlighting that the word is unknown or misspelt. Erik Swyngedouw's revision of the word Anthropocene to Oliganthropocene highlights the extremely different levels of responsibility towards the climate crisis and mass biodiversity loss. The narrative of the Anthropocene of the interactions between the human species as a whole and the earth system is erroneous and comforts the interests of a powerful minority. The eighty richest individuals in the world have a combined income higher than the 416 million poorest. The Oliganthropocene is an epoch caused by a few men and even fewer women. Using stickers a popular method amongst activist groups the work places this generally unknown word into the conversations around the crisis we all face. 


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