Pamuk (2018) Adana, Turkey. 
Pamuk (2019) Lisbon, Portugal. 

Pamuk (2018) is an installation consisting of a bike, a pair of Turkish shoes and a sleeping mat crafted with locally grown fabric filled with cotton collected from the side of the road with a ground sheet constructed by local tradesmen. It can be rolled up, worn and used for transport.

Cotton is a textile that hides in plain sight, in wide array clothing and domestic items; it has a traumatic history and many modern concerns. The fabric conjures ideas of comfort, safety and the home. In addition to the pomegranates and oranges seemingly growing everywhere, surplus cotton is found on the roadside in Adana giving the impression of a fertile region. The artist collected this overlooked material displaced between locations and created something functional and found meaning in this material of snug contentment being alongside the dirt of the road.

Seeking an independent adventure Samuel bought a bike and journeyed south.

Passing many industrial cotton processing factories and smaller storage units with cotton balls on the side of the road almost the whole way and collecting bags of vagrant cotton amongst the ubiquitous plastic waste of the roadside. The collected cotton filled a mattress and which the artist used it sleep on the roof of the house where he was staying in Adana and fell asleep looking at the starts.


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