Reconstructions (TIM) (2015)

"In 2012 I had a traumatic brain injury and I had amnesia for a while. Thankfully I had a full recovery, the nicest part of which was remembering I had friends : )

So the idea was that everyone carries models of people they remember in their brains based on shared experiences. And so models of you exist in many people’s minds. I wanted to explore this and I picked my friend Tim.

I asked each of our many mutual friends to make a drawing of the Tim they had in their minds. In secret round dinner tables, in cafes and bars, we gathered and talked about this man and drew his face. I wanted it to be a surprise... This video is him finding 123 drawings on the wall. This project was the most fun, made in over a year, with the help from all the friends in my life at the time of my injury; it was putting to rest a traumatic episode of my life.

I am immensely grateful to everyone who got involved. Big thanks to Joe Hobbs for the footage of this film, and dear Timothy Kennington." - Samuel Ivan Roberts 


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